Globally-Direct Purchasing Cross Border e-Commerce Supplier

Magic Life is a Singapore-based cross border e-commerce supplier committed to direct purchase business all over the world.
With brand new business philosophy, overturning commercial mode, and revolutionary biotech products, Magic Life attempts to construct distribution channels of full network coverage; in a very short period of time, its business has reached over 20 countries and regions, making Magic Life the priority platform for millions of users and entrepreneurs.
The miracle Magic Life created has become a phenomenon as if a powerful and unstoppable tide being sweeping the globe.

Creating Endless Wonders in Life !

"MAGIC LIFE" is a company with magical power to change life thoroughly and keep creating miracles.
The "Magic Lifer" is a group of people who look for wonderful life, live to their fullest, realize personal values and create endless wonders.

Our mission is to make life remarkable

Our vision is to have "magic lifers" entering every corner of the world; regardless of skin color and race, wherever there are people, so are magic lifers and their concepts and lifestyles. Let magic lifers drive the world and make life better!
Our themes surround health, abundance, joy and achievement.
Our core values comprises loyalty, courage, excellence and passion.