American Microbial Disinfection Experts Disclose Mechanism of the Product

American Microbial Disinfection Experts Disclose Mechanism of the Product

Magic Life is the only company that can provide non-toxic disinfection that kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores found on your hands, surfaces & objects and in the air within 60-seconds of contact.
There are other products that will kill bacteria and viruses, many times other products contain toxic substances- like alcohol, they require a long time to kill the bacteria and they cannot kill the viruses found in the air.
Magic Life worked with a team of expects to develop these products- the team that created the revolutionary BC-65 disinfectant has over 25 years experience in precision disinfection.
There are 3 important parts of the Magic Life Disinfecting Technology: 1. The bacteria killed and the safety 2. Disinfection for the air & surfaces 3. Disinfecting Robot Bacteria killed: We encounter many different bacteria and viruses each day, we used a leading International Laboratory in Singapore for microbiological testing against the common bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores. The Magic Life disinfectants were verified to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses within 30- seconds and kill fungus and spores within 60-seconds. The 6 ‘common’ pathogens from our testing represent numerous other pathogens in their structure and properties, proving BC-65 is highly effective. Our disinfected is tested and proven to quickly kill the germs that threaten you in your everyday life.
Safety: Magic Life disinfectant is unique as it is proven safe, other disinfectants have toxic substances that can irritate the skin and are dangerous if they are ingested. Our products are alcohol and paraben free, pH neutral, fragrance free and formulated with 100% food graded ingredients. Yes, you can actually ‘eat’ our product safely. To ensure safety and quality, all product is manufactured in our own fully certified ISO facilities.
Disinfection for the Air Let’s think of the way germs ‘attack’ us- our hands and surfaces are common ways. Magic Life pocket spray is proven to kill the germs found on hands and surfaces in under 60-seconds. But many germs- like E-Coli - are spread through the air; the germs are in the air and we breath them in. We created the BC-65 Dry-Mist technology to reduce the bacteria and viruses commonly found in the air. The dry-mist is small and light, it can travel throughout a room, eliminating the bacteria in the air. It will also kill the bacteria as it lands on surfaces.
Why the dry-mist is revolutionary: 1. Non-toxic- you can remain in the room while using the dry-mist and the robot 2. Easy to use- you don’t need to wipe down any surfaces after using, the mist is non-corrosive 3. Small and light- the mist will travel to all parts of the room, it will ‘hang’ in the air to keep killing germs Disinfecting Robot The patented disinfecting robot is a breakthrough technology. This is the first disinfecting robot in the world, the robot moves around a room to ensure the dry-mist reaches all parts of the room. You don’t need to buy more than one machine for a room or house, the robot moves around to cover all areas.
The robot has all the features you need: sensors to avoid objects, rechargeable battery and even a pre-programmed disinfection time, this time allows you to set the time you want the robot to run each day. The robot is effective and easy to use.

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